5 Ideas to get the most out of a small washroom!

Having trouble with small spaces? We still want to include luxury and class in our projects but as spaces get smaller it’s becoming quite the challenge! Here are five tips on how to make the most of a compressed washroom:

Clever Storage – The Power of a Vanity

Nortesco-Expose_09When it comes to small washrooms, designers are limited with space and are pretty much restricted to only one large piece of furniture: the vanity. In order to stand out and give the room its touch of style, designers have to work with vanities that adapt to the overall design but most importantly add functionality to the space. With variations in finishing colours and materials, the vanity can provide the modern look or the classic style that, at the same time, allows easy storage. With soft close drawers and seamless movements, accessing your daily toiletries has never felt so RIGHT!

Accessories – Functionality with no Boundaries

Nortesco-Expose_13Small sized washrooms still receive constant circulation. Designers are faced with the task of creating an elegant experience that is yet practical for the user. Accessories allow the integration of daily used items into the design of the space. An accessory will allow space functionality without sacrificing style and look. They don’t only add practicality, but bring the opportunity for improved design through colour and shape.

Simple and Elegant – Break the Layout

Nortesco-Expose_16As explained by HGTV’s design experts, small spaces allow the designer the opportunity to build a unique layout. When professionals have access to a stylish basin, the floating element becomes an option. Designers can scratch the layout and let a stylish basin set the tone of where hands should be washed. Don’t follow the manual, make your own rules!

Thinking Space – The Power of a Shower

Nortesco-Expose_19We all decided what car to buy and what job to take under the care of a warm shower. Designers have never taken for granted the power of a shower, and for a good reason! A shower must meet the every need of its end user, from providing a water load at the right temperature and spread, to allowing those heavenly back massages. A stylish and potent shower will be the element that makes that tiny shower space, one to indulge for long minutes a day!

Where does the toilet go?

Nortesco-Expose_22Designers are not rule-friendly, but unfortunately, there are some that must be followed: every washroom needs a toilet. For years designers have struggled on how to incorporate such an interesting looking object into their master plan. Struggle no more! If we are breaking the layout for the basin, why not do the same with the toilet? Floating toilets help create a unique layout that goes right with the design elements. As the most used item in the washroom, it has the room to be the one that stands out the most. Style can be ice cream and the toilet can be the cherry on top (oh yes it can!), you would be surprised to see the pieces of art that leave our warehouse!

Spaces keep getting smaller but its designers who change the game! Don’t let size be a constraint, let it motivate your unique layout with incredible storage features!

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