Celebrating 30 years of the Roman Empire!

Roman, the United Kingdom market leader and one of the most renowned manufacturers in the European bathroom industry, celebrated their 30th anniversary this past November. Roman showers have been dominating the industry thanks to their consistent and creative product innovation. The company has created an experience in the finest facilities in the world and received recognition for their outstanding performance. To name a few, the company was awarded for their Social Media campaign 252 by the CIPD Awards in 2013 and achieved a Gold award by the Designer Kitchen and Bathrooms Magazine.

A company with such an introduction deserves a party like no other, no wonder none other than the Duke of Kent, Prince Edward, joined them on November 5th. The Roman Empire was pleased to receive an honorary visit from one of Britain’s most prestigious figures to commemorate their outstanding products and service.

Roman is not only committed to its customers but its also devoted to the environment. For the past years the company has been heavily investing into a green program that allows less environmental damage and protects our planet. The organization recycles 93% of their waste, vehicles reduced emissions to 22% and factories eliminated plastic packaging entirely.

Only a company with such performance aligns with the Nortesco promise. The past years have been a great ride and Roman plans to keep their lead for all the decades to come. The company will never fail to impress and deliver award-winning products the same way Nortesco will ensure those masterpieces are available for your house, building and dream home, regardless of where in North America!

Visit www.nortesco.com to see what other brands we carry and where you can get your hands on the newest Roman showers!


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