Two words you want your architect to say: Fashion & Design

The CN Tower, what does Toronto’s most iconic building remind you of? Is it the needle of a compass pointing all Canadians in the right direction? The main challenge architects face on a daily basis is translating a client’s idea into a finished washroom, a new beach property or new corporate headquarters. Architects have to come up with rooms that meet certain design principles and are adequate for daily enjoyment. In order to find inspiration, and fire-up their creative juices, Architects visit multiple destinations looking for ideas, concepts and designs. The problem is trends change… Architects say they have been to the moon and back looking for ideas and inspiration.

In Rachel Zoe’s words: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” It certainly doesn’t take a trip to the moon to find it! It took Newform a trip to the Vogue Fashion Show to produce their next cutting-edge product. Elegant models, stylish new collections and the glamorous environment at Vogue helped Newform designers create an impeccable product, one that is unique in design and loaded with personality.

As brands continue their search for ideas, we will continue to help you achieve your dream home. We want to make sure when you make your selection of what faucet or shower you want on your property you can choose from the world’s finest products. Nortesco exclusively supplies Newform and Europe’s finest collections to ensure all Canadians have the option to go for luxury and Swarovski crystals on their kitchen faucet.

We applaud the industry, along with all the accomplishments and innovation being carried. It is our sole task to keep track of these developments and stay on top of the next route to a luxurious kitchen and bath. To learn more about the finest kitchen and bath products, and European elegance available in the industry, visit www.nortesco.com the exclusive distributer of European brands in Canada and the US.


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