Nortesco – the history behind 40 years of experience

It was 1982 when the founders of Nortesco evolved a small industrial distributor to a full service plumbing company with its own kitchen and bath showroom. Nortesco was built upon the idea of elegance, design, but most importantly, to address the need of those wanting more, only the best and upmost perfect quality.

Born and raised in Switzerland, Philippe Hess had the opportunity to experience the marvellous manufacturing process that European designers followed to create their masterpieces. It was his objective to ensure every Canadian had the opportunity to experience this European elegance at the comfort of their home.

After years of work and investing into the industry, the European culture developed a need and want for the best quality and the most elegantly designed kitchen and bath products. It was this need for better quality that pushed manufacturers to improve their products, with no compromise. Mr. Hess saw this as an opportunity, giving birth to Nortesco.

The first generation of Nortesco ownership developed lasting partnerships with the best designers in the entire continent. It was up to Nortesco’s current management team to fulfill the dream of ensuring every Canadian had the opportunity to live the experience and enjoy the highest quality products. Now, the company not only grew the list of exclusive representations, but grew its presence throughout the entire country to ensure every experience begins with Nortesco and ends with the endless quality of our products. Follow us to see how our efforts continue to supply the finest brands to your dream home!


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