• Mr. Steam

    Residential Steam | Chakra Oils

    The healing and creative power of aromatherapy

    Mr. Steam© introduces specially formulated essential oils extracted from organic flowers and plant material. The Mr. Steam Chakra blends may support the body's specific needs. Each Mr. Steam Chakra oil offers a unique fragrance with characteristic benefits:

    • Feeling a bit sluggish?
    The essence of Red Vitality may help you feel invigorated.
    • Are you feeling inhibited?
    Introduce mr. steam's Energy Orange essence into the steambath for a motivating experience that may help lessen sexual inhibitions.
    • Having difficulty staying focused?
    Introduce the Yellow Awakening essence into the steam room, which may help improve memory and concentrations.
    • Feeling stressed out?
    Infusing the steam with mr. steam's Green Harmony essence may help to reduce stress and restore a sense of balance.
    • Feeling nervous about a presentation?
    Celestial Blue Boost self-expression, creativity, inner peace, loyalty and truth
    • Having a creative block?
    Bringing in the Mystic Indigo essence may help enhance your creative intuition.
    • Looking for a way to unwind?
    Introducing the Violet Nirvana essence may help calm your agitated nerves.