• Mr. Steam

    Residential Steam | iTempo Plus Controls

    Steam at Your Fingertips

    It's never been easier to take control of your steam shower experience! The Mr. Steam iTempo control family features a digital display, with programmable time and temperature settings:

    The iTempo Plus:

    • Stores two preferred time and temperature settings
    • A Mr. Steam exclusive - close tolerance for temperature sensing
    • Controls both the AromaTherapy and ChromaSteam systems
    • Is nearly flush-mounted and available in round or square styles
    • Comes in seven designer finishes:
    - Polished Chrome
    - Brushed Nickel
    - Polished Nickel
    - Oil-Rubbed Bronze
    - Brushed Bronze
    - Polished Brass
    - RAW Custom Plating
    • Includes a 24-hour digital clock - letting you tell time in the shower
    • Are manufactured in solid brass with an elegant metal finish
    • Integrate On/Off feature for AromaSteam and ChromaSteamâ„¢
    • Pairs with Mr. Steam eSeries as well as the wireless iGenie control